Amphawa Floating Market, The Afternoon Market and Enchanting of Maeklong

Amphawa Floating Market is located Amphawa district of Samut Songkhram Province, Approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Bangkok and takes place on a small canal of the Maekhlong river. The market is near ‘Wat Amphawa Chetiyaram’, that is a temple. Amphawa Floating market is very famous with travelers in Thailand and there are also many local visitors.

Amphawa Floating Market

Why does the Amphawa Floating Market called the Afternoon Market?

Because This Market opens on every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), from mid-afternoon till dark (during 12.00 to 21.00 pm.), The best time for travel this market around 6 pm. on Friday because the market is still quiet, not crowded and you can walk along the canal. Visitors can enjoy music broadcast by the community members, explore the market and local food. After 7 pm. this market will be filled with people.

Amphawa Floating Market

In the past, People in early trading on the boat and living about agriculturist  because their houses are settled along the river and transport by boat. Amphawa is a small community in trade and agriculture and use to communication center of Samut Songkhram province. And now this market is large community and there are also many old wood houses, you will see locals life and the fireflies under the Lampoon trees at night.

Amphawa Floating Market

The Amphawa Canal is occupied by vendors who pack their boats with food and drinks. The most stalls are along the canal and you can stroll along those. The vendors cook and sell their foods to visitors by boat(a small wooden boat). Take a drink, eat a food and enjoy the atmosphere. The Amphawa Floating Market have many shops such as souvenir stores, restaurant, ice-cream shop, and others. Most souvenir stores usually sell clothes. You can walk around the market for 2 or 3 hours and see something, that call ‘life’.

Amphawa Floating Market


There are some boat tours offered as well at the market to see views of ‘Maeklong’ river, They will lead you through the small canals to the Maeklong River. A private tour starts at 500 baht but if you roam alone or friend, you can join with other people it will be 50 baht per person and the boat has space for about 10 people, so it not too crowded. The trip takes approximately 1 hour will take you to along the market and some several old temples at the river. In addition to, you can take a boat trip along the ‘Maeklong river’ to watch the fireflies at night. That is the best activities of tourist when they come here. You can see the fireflies on the rainy season(since May to October) because it is clear to see. This trip around 1 to 2 hours, a private trip starts at 600 baht but 60 or 80 baht for individual.

Amphawa Floating Market

Although, Boat trip is the best activity for tourist who travel to Amphawa but there are also have many activities such as ride a bicycle around Amphawa. If you want to rent a bicycle for see the view or locals life of village waterfront and Thai dessert museum. You can rent a bicycle at ‘Thai  Tib’ station, They has bicycles for rental and free map for cycling routes. Bicycles rate for rent is free for first half-hours, 30 baht for the next half-hours, 120 baht for 2 hours, 150 baht for 3 hours, 180 baht for 4 hours and 250 baht for more than 5 hours. Another activity is shopping, The Amphawa Floating Market has many types of product. The one of the best seller souvenirs is Amphawa T-shirst because that T-shirts have many design, styles and cheap. You can buy this for your friend or your family.

Amphawa Floating Market

The Main Reason

The main reason for visit Amphawa Floating Market is Food such as seafood, Thai dessert, Thai traditional coffee, noodle, etc. There also have many shop-house eateries. Grilled seafood is very famous for tourist, the vendors grilled ans sales on wooden boats along the small canal. They have a huge prawns, scallops, crabs, shellfish, oyster, and fish. In addition to, If you want to eating in restaurant , you can find the restaurant near the bridge and get a seat on the balcony for see the view of the Evening Amphawa Floating Market with the tasty seafood. If you fulled by seafood you can find Thai desserts such as Coconut ice cream, Coconut jelly recipe, Thai caramel that made by local ingredients.

How to go

  • By car : Starting from the Rama two road(No.35), you will see the entrance sign to The Amphawa Floating Market when you at Samut Sakhon and take the road number 325 for through Maeklong district and drive follow this road. After that, you will see the sign of ‘Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong’ and police box. You have to drive along that road. Then you will find and park your car on both Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong and Wat Bang Nang Li. And take the boat for across the Maeklong river to the floating market, 5 baht for person. Or you can drive straight in to The Amphawa Floating Market but there are traffic jam and difficult to find parking.
  • By van : You can take the van from Mo Chit 2 for go to The Amphawa Floating Market, Rate price about 100 baht per person.

Map of The Amphawa Floating Market

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