Don Wai Floating Market…Nakhon Pathom, The paradise of food.

Don Wai Floating Market or Don Wai Market, one of our favorite markets in Thailand. The market is located behind Don Wai temple on the bank of the Tha Chin river which is also known as Nakhon Chai Si river, Bang Kratuek sub-district, Sam Pran district, Nakhon Pathom province. Don Wai Floating Market which is about 30 kilometers in the center of Bangkok.

Don Wai Floating Market

Even though, This market is not like other markets because all stalls and vendors are actually on land and there are no boat. So the market can be called a riverside market rather than a floating market but we are prefer call Don Wai Floating Market more than Don Wai Market.

The History of Don Wai Floating Market

Don Wai Floating Market was established over a hundred years ago. This Market is the old market since reign of ‘King Rama VI’ that Thai people call ‘King Vajiravudh’, there is a Thai style cottage or old style wooden house at the Bank of the Tha Chin river that still old style of living form the past.

Don Wai Floating Market is the center of many agricultural products, this place has a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables. There are also Thai desserts.
Nowadays, This market has become very popular for Thai and Foreign tourists. You will enjoy the unique and antique Thai-style.

Don Wai Floating Market

When Don Wai Floating Market is open?

The Market is open everyday from the early morning until evening around 06.00 am. to 18.00 pm. And this market usually quite crowded during weekends. If you would like to avoid the crowds, arrive early on weekend or arrive on weekday. You should go to the market as early as you can, this market is not only hot but the crowds as well.

This place is a very attractive place for see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying.

Don Wai Floating Market

Why this market is a paradise of food?

Don Wai Floating Market has variety of Thai style food and origin of many Thai dessert. The market was originally famous for the boiled ducks but now there is a much variety of food. Popular dishes are boiled carp in salt, pot-stewed duck, and boiled bamboo shoots with chili sauce. So Don Wai Floating Market is a huge market where have everything and known specifically for its good food and desserts. There are also the agricultural products from villagers that products are good price offer. Even plants are on sale there.

Don Wai Floating Market

The recommend food of Don Wai Floating Market is Pot-stewed duck that for someone like duck. The best seller shop is Ped Palo Nai Nub, if you come in the afternoon this restaurant is the best choice for your lunch. You will see a lot of duck. The popular plate is hot rice with big chunks of soft and tender stewed duck. The dipping sauce has a really sour taste mixed and spiciness. The restaurant is located riverside that make you see a nice view and Thai style cottage or old style wooden house of villagers.

In addition to, There are also fried fish cakes that is found sizzling in the wok, Pla Som (Sour Fish) is a product processed similarly to the various soured meats that are popular in Thailand, Stewed mackerel fish in dark sauce that call Tom Kem, Noodles with fish curry sauce and Steamed fish with curry paste.

Don Wai Floating Market

The recommend dessert of Don Wai Floating Market is Kanom Tarn or Palm Fruit Cake that is the yellow puffs with shredded coconut on top. There are also Thai traditional desserts are Banana Leaf Sticky Rice (sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, sweet black beans, all candied in a banana leaf wrapper), Mango Sticky Rice (sweet sticky rice with sweet yellow mango on top and covered in coconut cream syrup), Durian Coconut Milk Soup with Sticky Rice (sticky rice with chunk of Durian swimming in a thick coconut cream syrup), Palm Leaf Treat (flour, coconut meat, sugar and salt grilled in a palm leaf wrapper), Fermented Rice Pudding (whole grains of sticky rice sweetly fermented into a pudding that remains slight crunchy) and Fried Banana with Roasted Rice (It is a super ripe banana that is wrapped with roasted unripened sticky rice and coconut before being deep fried to a serious crisp on the outside).

In addition to, It is also Chinese desserts that called Kanom Pia at the shop you can able to select various desserts such as Stuffed Buns and Moon Cakes.

Don Wai Floating Market

And one of popular fresh fruit in Nakhon Pathom that you may know is Pomelo, Thai people called ‘Som O’. There are 2 breeds of pomelo that well-known are Khao Namphueng breed and Thong Di breed.

Although, This market has no seat for visitor to sit and eat food like in most floating markets in Thailand but this market have many restaurants where you can find place to sit, taste good food and see a nice view.

How to go

  • By Car :
    • 1. From Bangkok, take Petkasem road, the entrance to Don Wai Floating Market is opposite the Elephant Show Ground and Sam Phran Crocodile farm. Take Wat Rai Khing route, when you reach the Wat Rai Khing go on 10 kilometers passing Wat Tha Put. Don Wai temple will be seen on the left.
    • 2. From Somdet Phra Pinklao bridge, straight Pinklao-Nakhon Chai Si road. When through Phuttamonthon 1,2 and 3 then arrival Phuttamonthon 4 observe the signs turn left into the Phuttamonthon 5 distance about 1 kilometer will see the intersection turn right and go straight to Don Wai temple.
  • By Van : From Tesco Lotus Pinklao-Wat Don Wai-Wat Rai Khing. You can take bus line 84 about 40 minutes Petchkasem road to match the entrance to Wat Rai Khing. Change to minibus or motorcycle service.
  • By Bus : You can take from Southern Bus Terminal for go to Nakhon Pathom.

Map of Don Wai Floating Market

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