Erawan Waterfall, The most famous waterfalls for tourists attraction in Kanchanaburi.

Erawan Waterfall is located in Thakadan Sub-District, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills. Approximate 190 kilometers west of Bangkok, which is one of the most beautiful and the most famous national parks in Thailand. If you would like to relax and trek in the forest this place is the best for you.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Why we called ‘Erawan’ waterfall?

The top tier of the falls is said to resemble the elephant’s head. Named after the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. That why we call the waterfall is Erawan.

Erawan is a mythological white elephant who carries the Hindu god Indra. Erawan is one of the Thai names of Airavata. It is a huge elephant with either three or sometimes thirty-three heads which are often shown with more than two tusks. Some statues show Indra, the king of Tavatimsa Heaven, riding on Erawan.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Attraction of The Waterfall

The major attraction of the park is Erawan Falls with emerald water. The waterfall was founded in 1975 as 12th national park’s Thailand. In the past local people called Sa Dong Mong Lai waterfall.

The park consists of limestone hills with elevation between 165 meters to 996 meters above the sea level. The hills protects the park from eastern monsoon resulting in less rainfall in average. The Erawan Waterfall was really an impressive series of seven waterfalls each with a shape and character all its own.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Erawan waterfall consists of seven tier

First tiers : ‘Come back to the nest’ or Thai name is ‘Lai Kuen Rang’. This tier is the starting point of the journey into the embrace of nature. In the first tier, the falls is flowing cascades from top to bottom which suitable for those who want to sit and relax.

Visitors can bring food to eat together in this floor. There are also shops selling food and drink are available for tourists.

Second tiers : ‘Place of fish’ or Thai name is ‘Wang Macha’. This tier have a lot of fish and a short walk from the first tier. Visitors like to see the view and play the water at this tier because attractive and beautiful more than the first tier. That’s why this tier is quite a lot of people.

On the way to go on the third tier you have to walk across the brook but you will never be wet because the park has made the suspension bridge for visitors to walk easily. This brook is beautiful and seem like the second tier you ever walk through.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Third tiers : ‘Cliff of waterfall’ or Thai name is ‘Pha Nam Tok’, the distance from the second tier just 200 meters. This tier is beautiful and very unique because the water will flow down from the cliffs into the emerald pond that supported on below which the water flows in the manner straight.

Under the fabric is a stone like a large chair for people to sitting or lying to get the water that falls from a cliff and is similar to the Spa or soak in the Jacuzzi tub.

Fourth tiers : ‘Chest of butterfly’ or Thai name is ‘Ok Nang Phee Sue’. This tier contains unique characteristics of the rocks is identical to the chest. If you have a chance to see this rock, maybe you will say ‘That’s not the same as the butterfly chest but It looks like woman’s chest’ and not really small. The butterfly chest which is the popular point where the tourists play a slider.

The water in this tier are clear, you will see the ground under the emerald water and a lot of fish.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Fifth tiers : ‘Never boring’ or Thai name is ‘Bue Mai Long’. For the general tourists who walking up to this tier, you must have a huge efforts because the long distance about 600 meters and you have to walk up to the hill. If you can walk up to this tier that you certainly will not be disappointed, I guarantee.

You will be impressed with the beauty of the river that flows through big stone to small stone until the emerald pond on below. When you look at the trees that covered similar a roof, you will feel refreshed like getting the power of nature.

In addition, this tier are pleasantness and perfect to sit for relaxing as well.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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Sixth tiers : ‘Place of forest’ or Thai name is ‘Dong Pruk Sa’. The water in this tier is not much, but this tier has a special thing is water flow. When the water flow down from the forest above to the emerald pond on below, it similar a shower curtain.

Before you will walking up to the next tier, I recommend you to take a rest on this tier that make you feel fresh and ready to go to the next tier.

Tourists does not like to swim in the water this tier because the less water.

Seventh tiers : ‘Erawan mountain’ or Thai name is ‘Phu Pha Erawan’. And finally we come to the final tier of the journey. This tier is not too far from the sixth tier about 100 meters but the distance is quite difficult because you have to across the brook two times and climb steep ladders many times. But the beauty is worth to journey.

In the seventh tier which is our destination that is the origin of the waterfall name ‘Erawan’. When you looking to the cliffs of the waterfall you will see a stone that resembles the head of a three-headed elephant. The white elephant who carries the Hindu god Indra in The Ramayana is an ancient Indian epic poem. The locals called the Erawan waterfall.

Erawan Waterfall Kanchanaburi

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When the waterfall is open?

Erawan National park is open on everyday about 7 am. to 5 pm. all year round. Although the official close time is 4:30 pm, start cleaning from the top tier around 3 pm move down tier by tier. The lower tiers could be open up until 5 pm, depends on how quick or slow the daily cleaning goes.

Admission fee for adult is 300 baht per person and for children is 200 baht per person.

The waterfall is generally busy during the weekends and public holidays. Especially Songkran Festival (13-15 April in every year), the waterfall tiers turns into a celebration place with water fights. 

The tourists should be travel on December to April.

Note :

  • The food is strictly forbidden beyond the second tier.
  • Visitors have to pay 20 baht fee per bottle of any drinks
  • which can be refunded when the bottles are returned.

Map of Erawan waterfall

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