Maeklong Railway Market (Talad Rom Hoop)… The only market in Thailand that the trains run through the middle.

Have you ever seen the trains run through the middle of market (Maeklong Railway Market)? If your answer is ‘No’.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

Today we will show you ‘What is the unique market?

The Maeklong Railway Market or The Folding Umbrella Market, but locals are often referred to as Talad Rom Hoop (Talad is market, Rom is umbrella and Hoop is folding). Located in the city of Maeklong district in Samut Songkram province.

This market is not the same as other markets, there is the train run through the middle of the market. The vendors will know the time when the train to the platform or run through the middle of the market. They would have to preserve the products or goods, folding the umbrellas and store awnings to avoid the train. After the train passed, if you look back at the stores are like a magic because the vendors immediately, put the awnings back into their original places. Everyone went back to normal as if nothing extraordinary had ever happened and it is hard to believe the train to run through the tracks, that is located of the market. That is why the market is locally known as the Talat Rom Hoop which translates into ‘The Folding Umbrella Market’.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

This market can be reached by train, that runs through the market. If you do not want to miss the train. You should check train schedule carefully. The route is starting from Wong Wian Yai station at 05:30 am. to Mahachai station about 6:30 am. and take a ferry from Tha Chalom to Ban Laem station. If you want to eat for breakfast can be found from here. After that we will go further. The first train from Ban Laem station at 07.30 am. to Maeklong station about 08.30 am., which is the last stop along the Maeklong Railway Line.

The train will run through the market eight times per day, which would run into the Maeklong station at 8.30 am., 11.10 am., 14.30 am., 17.40 am. and leave of the Maeklong station at 6.20 am., 9.00 am., 11.30 am., 15.30 am.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

The best train bogie to travel to Maeklong Railway Market, which is our destination is the final bogie. You will see the most obvious view of the Maeklong Railway Market.

The unique thing about this market is the awnings are pulled back only as far as necessary. The baskets of fruits and vegetables are raised just enough as to not be sliced by the metal wheels.

This market is suitable for people who love life photography, because the vendors are local villagers and their goods are exist local. Whether it is dry, fresh and famous products. We are recommended to come early in the morning because the Sun does not heat and light is ideal for photo shoot.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

The most famous product is short-bodied mackerel in Thai called Pla Two, that is delicious and good taste. In addition, there are also local souvenirs such as Klong Kone Shrimp Paste (Kapi Klong Kone), Razor Shell (Hoi Load), Pickled Mussels (Hoi Dong), Suaeda Maritima Leaves, Coconut sugar, Kalamae Raman or Coconut Toffee (Made by sticky rice with coconut milk and coconut sugar), Lychee, Grapefruit and etc.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

After watching the train running through the market and take the picture. If you feel hungry. We recommend the Hainanese Chicken Rice shop, that is located opposite the junction near the market. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style. Their Hainanese Chicken Rice are soft, tasty with delicious sauce and cheap. There were also sales tea, thai traditional coffee and chinese liquor.

Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

If you do not hurry back. You can go to the temple, which is located not far from the market. You will see the walls of the temple on your left there is a Wat Ban Laem or Wat Phet Samut Worawihan (The famous Temple of Samut songkhram province). Inside the temple is enshrined the Luang Phor wat ban Laem, that is the sacred and priceless Buddha. Everyone who comes here must to make merit and blessings.

This is a one of a kind place to experience and particularly easy to reach since it is close to Bangkok.

How to go

  • By car : From Bangkok take Highway No. 35, Rama 2 road (Thonburi-Pakthor) and keep left when you reaching 63 kilometer stone on the road. Use a different parallel level to access the town of Samut Songkhram province. When you reach the intersection, go straight to the market. When you reach the second intersection, turn right and go straight across the Maeklong railway to reach the market. The Maeklong Railway Market is located on this railroad, you can park at Wat Phet Samut Worawihan.
  • By train : Starting from Wong Wian Yai station to Mahachai station and take a ferry from Tha Chalom to Ban Laem station. And it takes about one hour from Ban Laem station to Maeklong station. You will see the beautiful salt pans or salt flats while traveling.
  • By Van : From Mo chit two to Maeklong(Samut Songkharm), every hour and go into the Maeklong market.

Map of Maeklong Railway Market

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