Red Lotus Sea (Talay Bua Daeng) in Udon Thani, The power of Red.

Red Lotus Sea for Thai people, we call Talay Bua Daeng or Nong Han Lake. This place is located Kumphawapi district, Udon Thani province in the Northeast(Isan) of Thailand. If you are in Udon Thani province, you just go to north of the town of Kumphawapi district about 50 kilometers. You will see the lake is covered by millions of lotus flowers. And significant, for one of the best memory in Thailand we would like to share this really spectacular natural attraction to you.

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Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng

Why Thai people call ‘Talay Bua Daeng’?

Because Talay Bua Daeng which means the Sea of Red Lotus. I will explain in Thai language word by word Talay is sea, Bua is Lotus and Daeng is Red.

The reason that make us call Red Lotus Sea because the lake have spaces around 8,000 acres as far as the eye you can see it similar the sea and this area is covered by millions of the pink lotus flowers that make the lake look like red color.

That why we call ‘Talay Bua Daeng’ or ‘Red Lotus Sea’.

Even though, in fact this place is not a sea that is a really large lake and the lotus flowers are not red because they are pink. But this place is a fantastic to visit.

In addition to, This large lake is a significant source of water for the Pao River, the lifeline of the Udon Thani province.

Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng

The best time to visit.

The beauty of the Red Lotus Sea is best witnessed during Thailand’s cool season, from November to February. The Red Lotus flowers begin to bloom in October, following the rainy season and it reaches full bloom in December through to February. The lotus flowers are not in bloom in Thailand’s hot season. The Red Lotus Sea Festival is also held in mid January every year.

The best time of day to see the lotus in full booming is in the morning between 06.00 am. till 11.00 am. or 12.00 pm. because the flowers are fully opened, revealing their vibrant, pink color during this time. If you go to the Red Lotus Sea later, the lotus flowers will have closed up in the sun but this place still nice and impressive for leisure. And tourists can take boat rides to admire the scenery all the day.

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Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng

Things you should do.

Take boat trip is the best and only thing when you visit the Red Lotus Sea to admire the scenery and If you would like to take photos for the best view. You should to take boat.

Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng

Boats rate start :

  • First rate for small boat, these trip costs 100 baht per person, with each boat capable of taking about 2 or 3 passengers.
  • Second rate for big boat, these trip costs 300 baht per boat and hour, 500 baht per boat and 2 hours. The big boat offer rides onto the lake for 45 minutes or 90 minutes, with each boat capable of taking about 10 passengers. And this boat have wide seats and a canopy to cover you from the sun. If you go alone, it still costs 300 baht.

The boat driver will stop in particularly dense patches of lotus flowers so that you can get some amazing views.

Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng

Even though, the water is rarely 2 feet deep but for safety. There are also life jackets on board each boat if you wish to wear one.

In addition to, You can see the bird such as Herons, Hawks and other water birds on the lake that seem to fly around the boats for pleasure. Bird watchers will also have the opportunity to see a wide variety of fowl, from small darting birds to rare breeds.

Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Daeng


If you would like to spend your time for this place more than 1 day you can book at ‘Bandiam Home stay’ a traditional Thai home with real Thai hospitality. This place is near Red Lotus Sea and cheap. Made by local people for earn money to their community.

How to go:

  • By air: Thai International Airways have several daily flights (50 minutes) from Bangkok to Udon Thani on Airbus or Boeing aircraft, from both Don Mueang and Suwannabhumi airports. Bangkok Air flys daily between Suwannabhumi to Udon Thani. Air Asia, Nok Air and Thai Lion Air have frequent low cost flights from Bangkok to Udon Thani.
  • By train: Several daily trains from Bangkok each with three classes (approximately 9 hours).
  • By Bus: You can take the van from Mo Chit 2 from Bangkok to Udon Thani, Rate price start 400 baht per person and per way.

Map of Red Lotus Sea (Talay Bua Daeng)

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